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Friday, we went to Nunspeet straight from work -- we got through rush hour relatively unscathed, and we didn't arrive as last group either. klik's mom had her birthday that day, which she celebrated with a dinner party for family and friends. As usual, the food was delicious and the company was pleasant.

We stayed over, and saturday we went back to Nijmegen to do some shopping and to pick up the aquarium. After that (and lunch), we went to babarage, to deliver the aquarium and to help her build her new computer. It was all rather standard hardware, but the housing she had bought, an Antec case (which was recommended in the Tweakers.net Best Buy Guide), was a really pleasant surprise. The case is designed with cooling and silence in mind, and the completely screwless installation of 5.25" devices and rubber suspension rings for the harddrives made it really easy to install the hardware. We were very impessed with it.
We installed the OS and had a very intensive session of Windows Update -- just turn on the firewall, or your new machine will be hacked before the patches are installed!
babarage cooked dinner for us, and after a pleasant day we returned home, rather tired.

Today, we cleaned the house a bit (which was needed!), and in the afternoon P. & J. came by to watch anime with us. We showed them Nausicaa, which impressed them much. We had dinner, talked about they vacation in Vietnam, played a bit with the EyeToy. Good, relaxing fun.

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