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EEPROM progress

The serial buffer on the PIC is only 2 bytes large, and all the processing is done in the interrupt that is triggered when a byte is received. If the PC would keep sending, bytes would get lost due to buffer overflows -- the processing of a single byte is fast, but not that fast. Which is why the PIC echos every byte back to the PC at the end of processing -- and the PC waits until it receives input before it sends the next byte.

It turned out that I had not one but two procedures in place that processed incoming bytes independently from my sending routine -- and because the echo'd bytes never reached my sending routine, a deadlock was created.
I cleaned up those two routines, and now I can sequentially write a 64Kbit (that's 8 kilobytes!) EEPROM without a hitch.

I also added a preliminary sequential reading routine, which I will have to modify a bit so that I can read the contents of a whole EEPROM back into the PC-side of things.

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