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That Amber thing

Today, we had another session in Astrid's Amber Campaign -- the first in a long, long time. Due to various circumstances, we couldn't get all the players in one room for a whole afternoon. Normally this wouldn't have been such a big issue, but we were beginning with the climax of the current story arc. So it was important that everyone was present!
Lots of stuff happened -- but it seems that Arin (my character) is going to be wedded with Elvira, the crown princess of Sargante. They had been close for quite some time (Arin was in Sargante with Martin during the civil war), and Alixa, her mother, had made herself impossible by hiring the Moon Riders of Genesh to exert her influence across the borders...

The situation was defused, but not after some serious legwork. It was actually pretty exciting: it wasn't at all clear that we would be able to 'rescue' princess Elvira before the Count of Valaxa could forcefully marry her to his good-for-nothing son. Taron and Philip took them to the castle with under the pretense of negotiations -- only to throw him in jail on charges of treason. That'll teach him, the scheming bastard!

Elvira had been injected with a Chaosian sleep poison. Nikolai pulled some strings, but Caine's men couldn't produce a precise antidote. They did have a generic antidote that 'sort of' worked, but could produce some irregular heart rythms. I asked Nikolai to talk to Helga, and she produced a syringe with a precise antidote. However, she specified that this was a single dose -- and that all of it should be used. Which means we couldn't analyse it -- that produced a risk. We trusted Helga until now, so why change plans now? But it does mean that I now owe her a favour... This could come back to bite me in the ass later on...

At least the situation is now defused. Alixa will retire, Elvira will become queen, I will marry her and become her 'consort', and Corduna will ally itself with us, against Talavar. I'm quite pleased with how it all worked out!

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