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We all love to hate the MPAA

About two weeks ago, it was big news that the MPAA shut down LokiTorrents. LokiTorrents provided BitTorrent links to lots and lots of files -- apparently mostly of movies.

So far, so good. Nothing new under the sun, right? But the owner of the website, Edward Webber, had vowed to do legal battle with the MPAA, and was collecting funds from visitors for his legal defense fund. Many P2P-users were eager to support Webber in his crusade against the big evil corporations, and donated. Donations reportedly totalled over USD 29.000.
This all seemed to no avail, when the LokiTorrents website went down and was replaced by a cheesy message from the MPAA.

However, not all is as it seems. Someone did some research... The cool thing about the legal system is that it is all public, so with a bit of persistance, you can find out lots of details about every court case. And whenever something happens with a website, it also leaves a paper trail.
Guess what? Edward Webber took the money and ran. The real bad guy here is not the MPAA, but the owner of the site that was supposedly 'shut down'!
I didn't even know LokiTorrents existed before the news that it had been shut down appeared, and I certainly didn't donate. But if I did, I sure as hell would be pissed off pretty badly. Not at the MPAA, but at Webber! Webber cleverly played upon the existing sentiments within the P2P-community with regards to the 'evil corporate lawyers' of the MPAA, collected the money, and ran.

I wonder how many DVDs USD 29.000 would buy you...

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