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New anime

We've checked out some anime that was new to us (which doesn't necessarily mean it was new per se, in one of these cases).

We've seen Kujibiki Unbalance, a school-kids anime with an almost unhealthy obssession with mushrooms. Every year, the student council makes every student draw a fortune/lottery ticket (a kujibiki), which determines who their friends will be, and who their rivals will be. Our main character, a freshman, has to participate in a mushroom-centered cooking contest, together with a rag-tag bunch of semi-misfits. Their rivals for that year are a really pushy girl with two brutes as minions.
It's.. strange, and it's hard to determine whether we'll like it. Designs are not very attractive, they look like cheap Digimon knockoffs with their large hands and feet.

When doing research on Kujibiki Unbalance, I found out that it is actually connected to Genshiken, a series that was new a couple of months ago and that managed to sneak past us.
Genshiken is about a college club, called the 'Research Organisations for the Contempory Visual Culture'. In short: it's the otaku club -- even nerdier than the anime or manga club. Our main character, Kanji, is a college freshman, who is very shy. Via a smart trick, the other otaku make him go through some sort of initialisation ritual. The cool thing is, that they watch... Kujibiki Unbalance! They give lots of typical otaku-comments about the episode, and it was cool to hear that someone programmed 'Carrying You' from Laputa as his ringtone.
Pretty cool stuff there. Will be interesting to see how Kanji will react to the other members -- I expect they will form a tight clique.

We've also watched Buzzer Beater. It plays in some distant future, where mankind has reached for the stars, met alien species, and taught them basketball.
Yes, it's about basketball. Our young protagonist is a kid from the slums on Earth, who dreams of making it into the 'Space League', as the only human. You see, the Space League is dominated by alien species who have a physique that is much better suited for playing basketball.
Well, that's actually all there is to say about it. We see him doing the usual slum-routing, we see him meeting some red-haired girl, and we see him staring at a videowall that advertises the merits of some alien basketball player.
Designs are pretty clean, but not our style. And every ball is CGI... Add to that the subject matter, and you'll understand we'll be passing this one by.

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