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Finished series: Rumic Theatre

We've finished watching Rumic Theatre, a 13-episode series based on the short stories by Takahashi Rumiko. My first episode review is here.

Every episode is a single story, and there is very little spill-over from one story to the next. You might see the main character of a previous episode pass the main character of this episode in the background, but there is never any sort of interaction. Every story is self-contained.
And what stories they are. Not about a young boy piloting a mecha against his will, not about a magical girl... The stories are all about housewives, or salary-men -- normal people, the unsung heroes of everyday Japanese life. However, there is always something weird going on that they will have to deal with. In one episode, the main character loses his memory. In another episode, a housewife has to battle against the 'queen' of her apartment building.
There are some themes that some of these stories have in common. Some of them revolve around a subordinate granting an eccentric request from a superior, or the inter-personal politics in apartment buildings and neighbourhoods -- by the end of the series you've seen enough bosses asking their subordinates to do some weird thing that inconveniences them. It's a refreshing break from magical girls and mecha pilots though!

Design-wise, it's nothing special, though. And the music isn't anything to get excited about either.

Good points:
- Amusing stories;
- Shows a bit of everyday life for the average Japanese person;
- Refreshing break from the usual anime themes.
Bad points:
- Tad repetitive;
- Not very exciting because of the short story arcs.

In the end, it's worth a 7.

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