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Odd week

The past week has been weird.

It started wednesday. I didn't feel all that well -- had a bit of stomach trouble. That evening I decided to stay home the next day, which I did. klik had her weekly day off, so it was actually quite cosy to be home together on a weekday. However, friday she had fallen ill as well -- so we prolonged our stay for another day.
Early friday, news reached us that klik's youngest uncle had died. We didn't really know him that well -- the only time we really talked to him was when we went there to show the pictures of our wedding to him. He had cancer, and he had already moved to a house where they take care of terminally ill patients. When someone dies under those circumstances, people say that "it's better this way" -- but no-one is smiling...

Saturday P. & J. would come over to watch some anime movies, but this time it was P. who had fallen ill -- so that date was cancelled... We went into the city centre for a short while and took care of various stuff, we were back pretty early.

All weekend, we have tried to use the resin to cast a copy of some specialty dice -- a D30, a D12 and a D10. We bought some mold-making stuff (liquid stuff that hardens into some sort of icky-feeling gel), and after a few tries we got quite decent molds. The produced molds even showed the numbers, which is a pretty fine detail.
However, the resin casting didn't really work that well. We tried three times, but every time the resin wouldn't harden. I'm guessing that it was too cold in the house (you need a temperature of 18°C), or too moist, or we hadn't mixed the hardener in well enough. Perhaps it's the kind of mold-making material we use, because that keeps 'sweating' water to prevent the cast sticking to the mold. More investigation is needed.

Monday, klik went to work early (because the next singing course would start that evening), but she called me that her head hurt and that she was coming back home...
Tuesday we went to Beverwijk. We visited klik's grandmother, and went to the cremation of her uncle late in the afternoon. Afterwards, everybody congregated at her aunts' house -- it was fun to touch base with the family on that side.

Yesterday, we visited jangerben and went for dinner. We ended up at De Dromaai -- friendly people, but the food was so-so. After a cup of tea at a cafe near his house, we went home again. It was fun, it's always nice to talk to jangerben.

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