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Studio 4°C

By coincidence, we watched two works by Studio 4°C this weekend. They're mostly known for their work on several shorts for the Animatrix, but they're doing lots of other stuff as well. I don't know whether it's a coincidence, but both works had a story that is totally bizarre and completely random.

First up was Mind Game, a movie that was released last year. Main character is Nishi, a young mangaka. On a rainy evening, he finds Myon, his first love in the subway, and he brings her home. Due to various occurrences, he is killed that evening.
He encounters God, who tells him to walk towards the red light and he'll dissapear after a while. But in the opposite direction is a blue light -- and Nishi makes a dash for it. Of course, God tries to persuade him to give up, but Nishi is determined: he will return to life and take charge! This amuses God, who tells him that he is on his side.
Thus begins a series of seemingly completely random events. Nishi kills his would-be murderer, and takes off in their car, together with Myon and her sister. They are pursued by the Yakuza, and due to various improbable events, they end up in a whale.

Yes, a whale.

More randomness ensues -- they have various weird adventures, but through it all they retain their dreamd and humanity. The 'escape sequence' is really top-notch, and shows us flashes of normal human life.
You see, the movie isn't about Nishi and Myon. It's about the human condition, and what makes us human. Instead of the usual "The end", there is the text "This story never ends" at the ending of the movie. That moment felt pretty good.

Then there was Eternal Family. It's about a bunch of sociopaths who are brainwashed to think they're a family -- and their daily life is televised in a reality show by a TV network. After a plumbing disaster, they find themselves out in the world on their own -- while the TV executives start a large-scale hunt for their unwitting stars...
This is much shorter, but it manages to cram about as much randomness as is humanly possible into those thirty minutes...

If I hadn't seen their work for the Animnatrix, I'd say Studio 4°C is a bunch of kids with ADHD on a sugar rush...

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