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This christmas, I received Memories on DVD as a gift. It's a collection of three short anime works, based on the short stories by Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of Akira. Each part is directed by a different director, giving each work its own character and feel.
Two weeks ago, we watched the first part together with jangerben, and yesterday we watched the rest.

First is 'Magnetic Rose', and, to me, it is the best story of the three. The salvage ship Corona receives a distress signal when on the voyage back from a salvage mission. It's a semi-derelict spaceship that sends a fragment of opera as its distress signal. Two astronauts go in to rescue the occupants of the ship, but they get more than what they've bargained for...
Great visuals on this one, and a great story. Free of the confines of a TV series, the creative team really made something great.

Second is 'Stink Bomb'. This is more humourous: a lab assistant turns himself into a deadly stink bomb by accident -- however he himself is unaffected by the stench. An order by a top executive who doesn't realise what is going on sends him off on his way to Tokyo! The full military might of the Self-Defence Force is used in an attempt to stop him from reaching the millions of people in Tokyo...
Visuals were pretty good, and the story is amusing in a highly bizarre way.

Third, and, IMO, least interesting, is 'Cannon Fodder'. This shows a city that is completely obsessed with firing cannons all through the day -- at the mobile fortress of an enemy that no-one has ever seen. Everything is geared towards firing the cannons: kids get lessons in artillery geometry at school, women work in munition-factories and the men load incredibly large, steam-powered cannons.
There is no story in this one, and the visuals are relatively crude. It's too bad the trilogy ends on a low note.

Overall, a 7.5, with a special recommendation for 'Magnetic Rose', which by itself would deserve an 8.

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