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Finished series: Maria-sama ga miteru ~ Spring

We've finished watching Maria-sama ga Miteru ~ Spring, the second series of MariMite goodness. My first episode review is here.

Based on the first episode, I had expected the focus of the series to gradually 'open up', to go beyond the tight confines of the Lillian's Catholic Girls School, but that didn't happen. At least, not as much as I had expected. However, Yumi and Sachiko aren't the exclusive stars of the series anymore -- we get much, much more drama surrounding the other characters.

There is, for instance, the graduation. Remember, it's a highschool, which means it's three years -- and the girls are 16 when they enter the school and 18 when they leave. So, one would expect a quiet and dignified ceremony to wave off the students of the highest classes.
But this is MariMite, and the school is the navel of the universe as far as the students are concerned. So no fond farewells, but tearful remeniscing -- the younger students feel left behind by their sempai! Will they ever see them again!? How can they go on without the guidance of their onee-sama!? And this is spun out over several episodes...
There are several plots about the feelings of the other characters, and the focus shifts away from Yumi/Sachiko, which serves to make the series slightly less claustrofobic than the first season. At the end, though, it's very much back to Yumi/Sachiko, and the ending is actually pretty good and offers some sort of closure.

If you're allergic to drama, or when (relatively) small things are blown up way out of proportion, then you better stay away from this one -- but you'd already know that from the first season. There's slightly less shoujo-ai in this series, but still plenty of girls hugging and declaring their undying love to eachother.
The big difference between the first and second series is the opening theme. It's the same music, but this time they've added a vocal track, by Ali Project -- known for their opening themes to 'Kajiura anime' like Noir and Avenger. This must be the most a-typical thing they've ever done.

Good points:
- Character animation is very detailed and nice;
- Lots of great and dreamy visuals;
- Shoujo-ai undertones;
- Drama!
Bad points:
- A bit 'claustrofobic';
- Drama!

I've greatly enjoyed watching this one. I'll give it an 8.5.

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