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Saturday, we got up relatively early and went to the bathroom-store. After the measurements being taken, they always have a second person look at the list of stuff you're buying -- so that the chance of mistakes is minimised and the remarks from the builder who will install it all.
Then, after we had made some modifications to our order, we went next door to look at flooring. The first floor is covered with plain plastic floor covering, and we want something a bit more luxurious. We settled on merbau laminate.
Then we went into the city centre to buy several presents and just do some general-purpose shopping. On our way back, we stopped at the Gamma and saw (by accident) the perfect system to create a partition between the lounge-area and the kitchen in the new house. It's really all coming together now and that's great!

Saturday evening, jangerben celebrated his birthday. We gave him Carolus Magnus, a strategic boardgame. We knew he wanted lots of Settlers of Catan-stuff, but we're not fans of the franchise -- and lots of other people gave him Settles-boxes. So we gave him something that seemed very strategic.
We had a fun time at the party, and it was pretty late (by our standards) when we got home.

Sunday we got up too early to get to Son in time for the Carnaval-procession. paultje and H. were at my parents', with Joep and our newly minted niece Nienke. It was nice to see everyone, but we were rather tired from our escapades of the day before. The procession was interesting and there were some really good things in it.
At the end of the afternoon, paultje and H. had to leave for Apeldoorn to meet up with H.'s parents and brother. We had a nice dinner with my parents and went home relatively early.

Now it's monday, and I'm still a bit tired.

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