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So, ontheseams, a rant about dog owners? I'll confess: I don't like dogs. I do like cats -- I don't know why or how, but I'm just not a dog-person. Oh, when the situation presents itself I will interact on friendly terms with a dog, if it is well-behaved.
And here's the problem: not every dog is well-behaved.
There are some people (and I use the term 'people' in the loosest possible sense) who just drive to the pound, pay the price, and find themselves the 'owner' of an unruly canine without having thought things through. These people have dogs that run away, bark, snap at people, and generally make a mess. Do these nitwits take charge and raise their dog properly? Hell no, that requires effort and a strategy, something these morons can't manage. No, instead they shout at their dog at the top of their lungs. Great plan, mister: now your dog knows it'll be punished once it gets back at your side -- making it seem like not such a good idea in the first place.
It saddens me that it is apparently OK in our society to not take charge and inconvenience other people. The same happens with parents -- some parents and some dog-owners (and it would be interesting to see if there's any significant overlap between the two groups) need to be beaten into a bloody pulp with the clue stick. I'll volunteer to start the beatings.

rupertdaily wondered about the size of raindrops in the Netherlands. Let me tell you about rain in the Netherlands: no matter what you do, you'll get wet. Normal rain has normal-sized drops. All bad-weather equipment (raincoats, umbrellas etc) are designed to cope with normal-sized drops. The bad things is that rain in the Netherlands hardly ever produces normal drops.
Sometimes the rain comes down in huge drops. This is often the case in summer, when the weather can go from sunny to rain in a matter of seconds. The contents of a whole day of evaporation are unceremoniously dumped on the unsuspecting public in a matter of a few minutes. Very big drops, nowhere to hide (because, you know, it was sunny and warm outside, so who bothered bringing an overcoat?). Even when the sun has returned and all it sunny, you can still see wet and cold people sulking.
What about spring and autumn? Well, then the raindrops are really small. It's like very wet mist. No umbrella can keep you dry, because basically you're walking right through the rain. You're going to get wet, no matter what.
Why can't we live in a country with normal rain, like everywhere else? Us Dutchies spend a large part of our lives wet and miserable.

zolphia asked me to rant about how great a guy George W. Bush is. A positive rant is a rave -- so technically I don't have to write this, but I'll bite anyway.
Everyone is always bitching about how awful GWB is. But they forget one important thing: GWB is a man of action -- and he takes action where others fear to act. Take, for instance, Afghanistan. I don't think I need any arguments to convince you that the Taliban regime was evil. Killing people for their ideas and repressing people who think differently is plainly evil.
So, what did the world do? Nothing. For all their talk of spreading democracy and freedom, the world did not feel any need to actually put their money where their mouth is and do something about it. But GWB did act, and now there is a vestigial democratic government where first there was tyranny and evil.
The same happened with Iraq. It goes without saying that Saddam Hussein's regime was evil -- on par with the worst excesses of the DDR. And again, the 'free' world does nothing. Apparently they don't care as long as the oil keeps flowing. Only when GWB decides enough is enough, is Hussein's regime brought down.
GWB has, in a single term of his presidency, rid the world of two evil regimes -- and that can only be considered good.

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