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I've made 275 kilometers today. To my American friends, that might seem not very much -- but in a country that's so tiny it's only 360 kilometers from one end to the next, it is.

I've cleaned up the house a bit, and then I left for Utrecht. We had found someone on Marktplaats who was selling his Boby for a very reasonable price. I wanted an additional unit, so that we both had somewhere to store all of our fiddly bits. I went to visit him, in the most charming part of Utrecht known as Wittevrouwen. I had come past there in the bus quite a lot of times when I still worked at Cap Gemini, but I had never explored the neighbourhood.
I was lucky to find a convenient parking spot, and the seller proved to be a very pleasant man who had lots of retro-furniture in his house. The reason they were selling their Boby was because they had a yellow one that went better with the rest of their furniture.
The unit itself is in 'mint condition'. There are some scratches, but that is to be expected from something produced in '71. The wheels were still rolling along nicely and turned very smoothly (unlike the unit I bought last week). The panels on top of the storage units on the side (the ones that run the full height of the unit) were of the kind seen in this picture (on the orange trolley).
The price we had agreed upon was 75 euros (a third of what I paid for the first unit -- much too much!), but I only had two bills of 50 euros with me and the seller had only 15 euros cash at home. When I offered to buy the unit for 85 euros, he declined! I would have been happy to pay that extra ten euros for the unit in this great condition, but the seller wouldn't hear of it. Instead, he pointed me to some shops nearby where I could get change.
I strolled through the neighbourhood -- old inner-city, with the associated narrow streets, small houses and relaxed atmosphere. After some searching I found a bakers, where I bought four 'appelflappen' (think applepie, but self-contained). I returned with my loot, and offered one of my appelflappen to the seller, who seemed pleasantly surprised. We chatted a bit more about retro furniture and houses, and then I left him.

Then it was off to Son, to visit my parents. The Linksys helpdesk had told me to use static IP adresses instead of DHCP. I was sceptical, but I wanted to at least give it a try. Well, as I guessed: it doesn't work. I took all of the stuff with me again (except for a CD-ROM and the wallwart for the router... oops) and I'll mail our friends of the Routershop to ask how they are going to fix this.

Then it was off to Eindhoven, to visit A & JP. Our Amber session of tomorrow has been cancelled due to some sad circumstances. But I still had some taped fansubs for A, so I dropped those off. We chatted a bit (mostly about anime) and then it was back to Nijmegen for me. It took exactly the length of the soundtrack from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to get home again.

Yesterday I stocked up on junk food, but today I cooked for myself. I wanted to try risotto once again, and I must say that this time it came out much better. Next time, it'll be perfect, I promise!

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