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New anime

We've watched the first episode of Gallery Fake. Once again, the Japanese prove that they can make an amusing anime about pretty much anything. This one is about an art dealer. As exciting as watching paint dry? Think again...

Our main character is an art dealer, Fujita Reiji. After being fired as a curator from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, he runs 'Gallery Fake': a gallery that specialises in forgeries of world-famous paintings. But he is familiar with the black market, which makes him unpopular in the art world.
The first episode plays out in New York, where Reiji checks out an auction at Sotheby's for a painting by Monet. He encounters the two men who were instrumental in his dismissal from the Met, and, in a subtle way, takes his revenge on them in the auction. It's a pretty static scene, but exciting none the less.

Might be an interesting series. Certainly something different from the usual fare.

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