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Finished series: Bottle Fairy

We've finished watching Bottle Fairy. My first episode review is here.

The four fairies want to become human. To this end, they live a year in the human world in someone's house, whom they call 'sensei'. With their over-active imagination and naïeve outlook on life (sometimes fueled by the over-active imagination and naïevite of the girl next door), they generate lots of cute comedy. The episodes are half-length (13 minutes long), and each spans a month.
The basic setup is very simple: sensei-san has to do something and/or says something about something that's typically Japanese and typical for that month. The fairies wonder about this, ask him and/or Tama-chan, and get swept away by their own imaginations. They play out a lot of scenes of classic Japanese literature and/or typical anime scenes, which is great fun.

The characters are all cute and have their own distinct personality. Animation is pretty basic, but since the focus is on the comedy, that doesn't count as a negative. Voice-acting is also top-notch, and the ending sequence is different each episode.

Sharp readers will have noticed that there is an extra episode: the series is 13 episodes long, and every episode details a single month. I'll keep that a secret, but it's very funny and very cute.

Good points:
- Funny;
- Cute;
- Gives lots of background information on Japanese life and culture.
Bad points:
- None!

I'll give it an 8.5!

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