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Finished series: Mezzo DSA

Quite some time ago, we've finished watching Mezzo DSA. My first episode review is here.

I have little to add to my comments about the first episode. There are a few flashbacks to the events of the Mezzo Forte movie (so yes, this series plays out in the same continuity), but it doesn't have any hentai/pr0n.
This series is quite episodic, and the episodes are all alike. Most of the time it's Mikura who kicks people's ass into next week. The missions are an interesting mix of all sorts of odd jobs.

There is some sort of plot, though: the cat-like police commissioner, who is blackmailed by 'Pops', takes out a contract on his life with their downstairs neighbour, the Black Scissor. Throughout the series, this plot gets maybe a minute per episode, but in the last two episodes it all comes to a head.

The series isn't all that interesting: there are only two episodes that are really clever plot-wise (where you see the occurrences of the same day from two different viewpoints), the rest is so-so. Graphically, it's also lacklustre. And "Pop's" voice acting is very, very irritating.

Good points:
- Action-packed;
- Rocking opening and ending theme.
Bad points:
- Lacklustre design and animation;
- Plots not very interesting.

Overall, a meagre 6.

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