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Went to see Pirates of the Carribean with klik and jangerben. Pretty cool movie: many buckles were swashed, amusing storyline (though they could have done without one of the many double-takes).
The much-swooned-over Johnny Depp played his role admirably: he is a pretty good actor, being able to pull off Jack Sparrow so well -- you'd almost forget it's the same guy from Sleepy Hollow or The Ninth Gate. (Though Jack Sparrow was a bit too over-acted for my tastes, and it's almost as if Depp was drunk during his performance.) I wasn't too impressed with the rest of the actors, but hey: it's an adventure movie, not a costume drama!

Now Ingeborg is finishing her stola to go with her dress, and Jan is playing Golden Sun on my GBA. We're trying to convince him to buy one too, for his long commute to Utrecht...

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