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RIP Max Velthuijs

Max Velthuijs is a hugely popular author of childrens books. He only started when he was in his forties, after having worked in advertising until that time. He wrote his own stories and illustrated them with thick paint in a charming, naïeve sort of way.
One of the books he wrote, "Het Goedige Monster" ('The Soft-natured Monster'), has been on my bookshelf for as long as I can remember. It, and the sequel "Het Goedige Monster en de Rovers" ('The Soft-natured Monster and the Robbers') were the two books we gave to Joep when he was born. The sequel is his favourite book -- when we were in Denmark last June, I read him the story and we looked at the pictures together.

Max Velthuijs won the Hans Christian Andersen Award ('The Nobel-prize for childrens books') last year. He was 81 years old -- he died today of lung cancer.

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