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New animes

We've checked out more new animes.

There is Sukisyo, an anime that AnimeNfo (which seems to be down at the moment) doesn't have any information on. Googling on the name yielded a "boy's love adventure game" for the PS2 -- I guess this is an adaptation of it.
Main character is a boy had has fallen out of a four-story window at his all-boys school. He doesn't remember anything from before that event (how convenient!), and it all starts with him getting a new roommate in the middle of the night. This roommate (apparently a childhood friend) is very, eh, "friendly" towards him. As the episode progresses we are introduced to more and more characters, and there is a hint of an overall plot which seemed a bit similar to DNAngel's.
There are no female characters. And our main character seems to be the only straight person in all of the school. And they all have long hair and/or look bishy. If you're into that sort of thing, this is it!

There is Mahoraba - Heartful Days. The main character is a young man who moves to Tokyo to attend art school -- he is striving to become a children's books author/illustrator. He can't commute to his new school, so he moves into the appartment complex that is owned by his mother's cousin. Her daughter, a cute girl about his age, serves as manager of the complex, a charming old-style mansion with a patio wedged in between skyscrapers. There are several inhabitants who are not very subtle in their curiosity for the newcomer, and we get to meet several of them. At the end of the episode, we discover just what that terrible secret of the manager is!
Cuteness all around, appealing character designs and an interesting cast. This one will be fun.

There is Starship Operators. The main cast are all cadets of a planet's Space Navy, on their way back from their final test, a mission on an escort ship. While they were away, a warlike kingdom attacked their home planet, which immediately surrendered without a fight. Of course, the cadets are determined to stand up against these evil usurpers. A rich student buys their vessel from the shipyard (apparently all spacevessels are leased from the shipyard that built them), and they attract funds in the form of a sponsor deal with the Galactic News Network -- which will produce a reality TV show from their adventures!
OK, so this is a rather bizarre setup, but it does make you wonder about reality TV and 'embedded journalists'. It'll be interesting to see how it develops, and how this 'deal with the devil' will work out for the crew. And it gives a reason why all of the bridge crew are always female (because the network demands it, of course!)

There is Jinki:Extend. Main character is a girl who is completely mad about modeling kits. She lives with her grandmother, but after she dies, the girl is kidnapped and taken to a semi-secret base somewhere in a jungle! She escapes and finds a giant robot, just like the kits she always used to build! But when her pursuers appear, she quickly hides inside the robot, which is then taken onto the battlefield to battle some sort of mechanical caterpillar.
I'm not sure we'll like this one, maybe we need to watch a second episode. So far the only original thing is the fact that the prodigal mecha pilot is a teenaged girl instead of a teenaged boy.

Also, it seems jascii_syn is letting us down in a big way. :(

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