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Display progress

For the past two days, I have been trying to get the display to accept strings via the RS232, to no avail. I pasted some code from the 16F628A USART code, but that didn't help. I went back to a test circuit that I knew worked, and it didn't work this time around. I took a new microcontroller, but that didn't fix it either! I tried different COM ports, I tried different cables -- all to no avail.

So then I rebooted, and it all worked again. Apparently something happened so that the OS did some funky stuff with the COM ports...

Anyway, now it works! Via the COM port, I can input new messages that are scrolled on the display. If there is no new message to display, the current message is repeated. There are also the beginnings of a control structure that will enable me to change the message on the display instantly, if the need arises.

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