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Uploaded a few new icons today. The 'Kokoro'-one is what I used when I just started this Journal (it's the mailman from Kokoro Library), but after the invitations to the wedding had been sent out, I switched to my SD portrait.
I stole the Azumanga Daioh one from an excellent episode guide (had to resize it, though). 'eten' is Chihiro's dad chowing down on... something before he gets turned into a pig (I really like that one, it has a pretty smooth animation), 'kodama' is an updated version of the Kodama animation I made as my first project (I use gifsicle for animating the GIFs, so now I can put as many frames as I want in a GIF).
'Slotmachine' is my very first original animation. It doesn't look much, but boy did I spend many long hours on that one... ^_^;

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