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The past week

I have neglected my Journal for the past week -- the MACH F display project ate my mind. I felt a bit like Zander Barcelow at the end of Starship Troopers, after he encounters the Brain Bug: unable to think about anything else.
Now that I have the scrolling thing down, I'll catch up with the rest of last week's events!

Sunday, we went to see Ocean's Twelve. I liked Ocean's Eleven quite a lot: it's a stylish, clever movie. A great cast of characters has a single purpose, and they make sure they cover all their bases. Very entertaining -- it's a bit like the planning sessions you get in RPGs when the group has a certain mission.
So, I had high hopes for Ocean's Twelve. Alas, it just doesn't live up to the original. There's information you don't get to know until it's too late, the plot meanders, gone is the single-minded focus. And the "Lookie-loo" they try to pull off? Lame, lame, lame. In short: the soundtrack is better than the movie.

Thursday, we went to see "Kroonprins" ('Crown Prince'), about Osman, the Ottomanian crown prince. A friend of a colleague of klik played his son, so we went with a small group to see it.
It was a very interesting play. It started off very interesting ("My name is Osman. I am dead. A writer wrote these words for me."), and it made great use of the minimal set to present the story. The pay-off was shocking and great. Certainly worth your time!

We've also watched some first episodes of this season's anime, but that is worth its own post!

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