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MACH F: Display all wired up

It's all wired up now. I haven't had time/courage to actually test it yet, so there's no telling whether it all works. I'll be writing some test software and create the schematic in Eagle.

The upper side of the PCB. At the top row, there are three sockets for the shift registers that will drive the LED displays (which is the small PCB at the very top). Between the shift registers are two rows of two transistors each, for the common cathodes of the LED displays. Bottom left is the socket for the microcontroller that will drive the shift registers and transistors. Next to that is the socket for the MAX232, on which I will hook up the computer's serial port. I still have a little space left on the PCB, I might use that to build the circuit for the infrared receiver...

The underside. The grey wiring is telephone wire that I used, but I have switched to smaller wires with less stiff insulation. I'm wondering whether it would be less of a mess if I had designed a PCB layout in advance and make a PCB out of it.

Lessons learned:
- Don't skimp on the length of the connecting wires;
- Do plan out the wiring in advance.
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