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Saturday was klik's maiden party. I knew, because Annette had clued me in. It had been my intention to arrange for us to be at the Samson (I was thinking of catching a movie as an excuse) so that Annette could pluck Ingeborg from her seat and take her away to Arnhem.
However, the whole business with the burning car messed things up, so I made arrangements to have Ingeborg picked up at home. Earlier that morning, Ingeborg's mother had called, asking about an appointment at 16:30 -- well, gee, thanks for giving away the surprise!
Anyway, at 15:30, Annette and Marga came to collect Ingeborg. I saw them off -- they had parked their car in the other parking on the terrain, perhaps not to give away their identity if we looked out of the window when the doorbell rang. To my surprise, a car arrived and Onno and Rupert (rupertdaily) stepped out. They briefly conversed with the ladies and then came my way. So much for my plans to spend a quiet evening at home. But when the doorbell rang, it was Patrick! Turns out he was in on it too. The three of them came up and we chatted for a bit. Patrick insisted I battle him in a Pokemon duel, and much ass was whooped (with Patrick at the receiving end of all the badness...)
Then they told me the theme of the evening was going to be 'improvisation and flexibility'. I got a tad worried then, but it turned out that they hadn't really arranged for anything: we would make things up as we went along. That was fine with me!
We went to the Koningsplein, where we were joined by Björn, Gert and Henk-Jan. There was another guy who had his bachelor's party: he had been dressed in a monk's robes, and he was made to make the rounds along the tables to beg for money for his wedding party. The guys with him were really noisy too and were making a total nuisance of themselves. I'm happy my friends didn't try to pull a prank like that on me: they wouldn't have succeeded, and they didn't even want to. (That's why they are my friends, you see.)
Much fun was had by all: we didn't do much, just sit in pubs (out on the terrace!), we dined, went to a few more pubs, and then I was brought home by Onno. It was a wonderful evening, I don't often get to see that many of my friends all in the same place.

The stuff with the car all worked out: we got a new tire, and that was it. There had been no damage to the car, and I learned how to change the tire too! The car was incredibly dirty, so we took it to the carwash as well: it's now all shiny again.

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