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Finished series: Bakuretsu Tenshi

We've finished watching Bakuretsu Tenshi. My first-episode review is here.

I wrote it is very similar to Kiddy Grade, and it gets more and more so. Granted, there are some notable differences, but the themes are very similar.
Bakuretsu Tenshi is about a group of four mercenenaries: Joe, the super-fighter (she's a girl, by the way); Meg, the fun-loving type; Amy, the young computer-wizard; Sei, the only adult and the leader of the group. They work for Barren, a syndicate that has several shady dealings that sometimes require lots of firepower. Tokyo is their turf, and it's a lot different from the Tokyo of today. Gun-licenses are easy to get, and the police organisation RAPT maintains a tight grip on everyday life.
Like Kiddy Grade, the whole setting is rather Transhuman -- advances in biological engineering and robotics have yielded Cybots, large mecha in various forms and shapes. Joe pilots Jango, her own personal cybot, with great skill.
The start of the series is rather episodic, but missions generally take two episodes to resolve.

But there are larger things going on. The missions usually revolve around the extermination of some bio-mechanical monstrosity that has been created through medicine and/or implants. Most of these produce and/or are controlled by a 'shining brain': a biomechanical control mechanism.
And that is, of course, the leading plot. The first few missions, you think: "Oh, OK, whatever", but after a few, you start to see a pattern. A pattern that leads up to a confrontation of epic proportions. Just like in Kiddy Grade, the ruling control mechanism is behind it all, and it needs to be destroyed at all costs -- at great personal cost to the main characters.

Overall, it's a good series. Episodes are action-packed, animation is top-notch (as to be expected from Gonzo) and the music is very good -- especially the opening theme. However, the character designs irk me. The opening theme features lyrics that say "crazy burst angel", but "crazy bust angel" would be more on-target. The character designs are optimised for fan service, with "clothing" (I use the term in the loosest possible sense) that would make a stripper blush. The obligatory swimsuit episode is almost painful to watch.
Coupled with the not-too-strong plot (perhaps because of the similarities with Kiddy Grade), it's just not that good.

Good points:
- Animation;
- Action-packed episodes;
- Great music.
Bad points:
- Plot seems derivative;
- Missions follow a strict format;
- Fanservice very in-your-face.

All in all, a 7. A 6 if you've seen Kiddy Grade.

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