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The packages from the online shop had arrived, just before my parents left for Denmark. They're still there, so we could make as much mess as we wanted when installing it all.
Things didn't go as smoothly as I had wanted. The info-sheet with settings for the various DSL providers that came with the router proved to contain faulty information, but we only found out when we hooked up the original modem again and browsed for some sort of helpfile. Once that had been done, we had at least ADSL via the new router.
Then it was on to installing the 11.g PCI cards. The hardware side of things went smoothly, but installing the software was a bit more tricky. I had entered the MAC adresses in the router and had generated 128 bit WEP keys -- I have no problems with my parents' neighbours, but I think they should take their own ADSL if they want it. It took me some time to find out that I had to enter the precise key in the setting dialog, and that the passphrase-thing didn't work there...
My dad's computer is a complete nightmare. Half of the time it won't boot up, it never shuts down properly, it takes ages to come up... I've complained about it before, I think. It even runs Win98SE, so installing drivers is even more tricky. Then we had trouble finding the Windows install CDROM, which was needed for the network installation, and then we found out that the WLAN utility crashed when we tried to make a new profile. Very, very frustrating -- we left it like it was, but we did clean the fan and the heatsink that cool the CPU -- lots of greasy dust had settled on it, and it took a toothbrush and some careful scrubbing to get things a bit cleaner...

As a final test, we installed my mom's computer at the intended spot, upstairs. The monitor is a bit large, but there are plans to buy a flatscreen monitor. The wireless link was between 11 and 18 Mbps -- not too shabby, and fast enough to saturate the ADSL link. We tested the webcam/Skype thing, and it worked all as well as with the wired connection (once Hans turned off some bandwidth hogging program...).
We'll see about my dad's desktop and the laptop later, I guess.

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