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New Year's Eve

We celebrated New Year's Eve in Tilburg, at babarage's. gertvr and xaviar_nl were present as well. We played lots of games, ate lots and lots and lots of food, and played more games. When the time came, we toasted with a delicious moscato spumante and went outside to check out the fireworks.
The fireworks regulations in the Netherlands are pretty strict, and have become much more strict ever since a fireworks factory in Enschede blew up, reducing a whole neighborhood to something that looked like a warzone. However, our southern neighbours in Belgium are much less strict, meaning that stuff that's illegal in the Netherlands is sold over the counter in Belgium. And Tilburg is close enough to the border that it is viable to go there by moped and get some stuff to have lots of fun with. babarage lives in a not-very-high-class neighbourhood, and you know what that means: lots of fireworks. And there were quite a few things that seemed quite... 'southern' to us.
We got back inside and played more games, until gertvr and xaviar_nl left at 03:00. We stayed the night in Tilburg, we have a very comfy visitor's room at our disposal.

At 10:00 we got up and had a delicious breakfast. We played some more games with babarage and chatted a lot, and early in the afternoon we went back to Nijmegen once again.

Lots of fun -- next year, our (new) place!

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