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Big PIC Pimpin'

Earlier this week, when I went to P.'s room to ask about something (some boring detail of a datamodel I was working on), he asked me when I'll install some LED-project at work. He commented he saw my earlier post about the LEDs I received. It just so happened that "Zmooc", who resides in the same room as I (he does lots of work for the projects B. (another roommate) leads, so it was easiest if they'd sit in the same room), overheard that. I told him the URL, and he said he'd check it out later.

Then, thursday, just as I was about to leave, we were having a conversation about programming languages. I told him that I programmed a lot in assembly these days, and he told me he knew that I was programming the PICs. He said that he wanted to get started with PICs as well, to connect a route-finding robot to his PC. So I told him about PICs, USARTs and the MAX232, and gave him some pointers to sites and webshops that sold the parts he'd need.
As I was cycling home, I thought to myself: "Hold on, I already have lots of that stuff lying around, I tend to order several pieces of a part that I think I'll need later on! Why would I have him order something that he's not sure he can use?" So friday, I stuck a PIC 16F628A, a MAX232 and the associated elco's, condensators and a crystal on a piece of foam and lent it to him. That way, he can see if it's fit for his typical application without having to invest in the technology first. (He told me he already had a programmer and the other components, so that shouldn't be a problem.)

He even thought my site looked nice, even though it's a second-rate CSS I got from BlueRobot... Well, it does serve its purpose, and I have more content than he does...

I'm curious to see his applications with a PIC!

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