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New anime

Watched the first episode of two new anime series today.

First up was Ikkitousen. The opening sequence contained lots of panty-shots, so we were warned. And god, was it bad. Every shot of the main heroine contained either a pantyshot or a closeup of her cleavage -- preferrably both. And it's about fighting schoolkids too, something to do with an age-old prophecy and reincarnation or something. It all serves to stare at the crotch of animated 17-year old girls.
Somehow we managed to get to the end of the first episode, then I purged it from my harddisk. I won't be collecting this series, that's for sure.

Next, we tried to watch Takahashi Rumiko Theater (of which AnimeNfo has no record). A problem with the encoding made the image stutter, we didn't watch much beyond the intro. It was fansubbed by a group who call themselves 'We Suck Fansubs'. At least their encoding sucks.

Next was Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoid. It's about a guy who gets drafted into becoming a superhero, by using a 'transformation belt' developed by an intergalactic toy company. He uses it to defeat an intergalactic criminal, and the agent of the toy company takes him to his new home: the appartment complex named 'Cosmos'. The criminal has picked himself up off the street, disguises himself as an ordinary human. Guess where he lives...? Right, right next to our young hero and his alien helper.
Lots of slapstick, lots of fast-moving jokes. The intro and outro also featured an S&M couple -- seems like there will be a pair of intergalactic fetishists featured later in the show... O_o;
Felt a bit like Jungle Guu. We'll be watching this one.

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