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LEDs, glorious LEDs!

Today, I got my order from a buyer's combination. 220 LEDs in total: 50 red ones, 50 green ones, 50 blue ones, 50 "ultraviolet" ones and 20 RGB-LEDs. I'm pretty impressed with the brightness of the LEDs: they're all 3000mcd ("millicandela"), which means they give three times as much light as a candle at a meter distance (or something like that).

From left to right and top to bottom: red, green, blue, "ultraviolet".

The UV-LEDs are less bright than the others, but it does give off some funky effect on the photo. Not only is it purple, but it also really gives off UV radiation: I can see the thin metal slivers in a banknote when I illuminate it from behind with these LEDs. I'll try to make a photo of that effect later. In the meantime, I better not stare into that beam for extended periods, but it should be OK if it's behind a pingpongball... :)
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