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Weekend update

Friday, we went to visit my parents, to see what was needed to hook up their ADSL. I got a lot of confused reports from my dad -- you can't really blame him for not knowing the difference between normal telephone-cable, UTP and COAX, but it's a vital distinction if you have to rely on any of it to hook it all up. In the end, we decided we couldn't run cables to his computer anyway, so it's another wireless network card added to the bunch.

Saturday, we didn't do much. Did some grocery shopping, and in the afternoon babarage visited us. I had written a dimming function for her LEDclock -- the LEDs were pretty bright, and she was having trouble sleeping because of all the light. So I built a dimming function: between 22:00 and 08:00, the LEDs operate on PWM with a duty cycle of 40% -- the dimming effect is quite visible, I just hope it'll be enough.
We were supposed to go to a party that evening, but klik was too tired to go, babarage was pleasant company and I didn't feel like kicking her out and going all by myself. Besides, we don't know most of the people at those parties -- I'd rather catch up with F. and V. sometime with just the four of us so we have all evening to chat.
We spent quite some time kicking ass playing exar's Batman game on the PS2 -- lots of fun.

Sunday, I had a D&D-session, this time in Utrecht. I took along my recently acquired BattleMat along with some appropriate pens. It worked out quite well, though I need to get some thicker pens... Also, if we have to stop and continue the next month, we will need some sort of backup-plan: it's not a good idea to leave the ink on, because it might dry out and be hard to remove.
Anyway, our characters had to find some long-lost mage in the mountains, that had been falling prey to some sort of perpetual winter. The King had sent us, because he needed the mountain pass to attack his neighbour across the mountains, and we needed to talk to the mage because she might know where the village where the Evil Tome came from. We've been lugging this Evil Tome acros half the continent, and no-one wants to take it off our hands, and the cleric doesn't want to just toss it in a ravine somewhere...
Turns out that the mage we were looking for was 'encased' in a Water Elemental that had frozen over. Her minion (a 3m tall monstrosity) had given us some kind of orb with which to wake her -- however, this also thawed out the Water Elemental -- and it was pissed. We barely escaped with our lives. I carried the drowsy mage, but in the end she saved our hides. Then back on the surface we were confronted with the big worm that had chased us towards the tower earlier -- and cut it cleanly in half (thanks to a nice critical at the exact right time).
Another job well done -- and we get to choose a magical item from the mage's extensive stock!

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