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I received the package with stuff I ordered from some webshop. Two Logitech Quickcam Messenger (one for me, and one for klik). They came in simple white boxes, but did include software and manual -- bare-bone OEM version, at half the price! \o/
I had also ordered an Asus wifi-card there, but this turns out to be a card that can only be used with the special Wifi-connector on some Asus motherboards. The card was so cheap that, if I send it back and pay for the postage of another package, it already adds up to the price of the card... So, now I have a card that I can't use. If anyone has an Asus motherboard with such a Wifi-connector, you can get the 11b-card in exchange for a good bottle of beer!

I've been trying to install the Quickcam SDK, but so far, no luck. Need more experimentation to get it to work.

As you all know, we'll be getting the keys of the house at April 8th. We're considering doing a 'sneak preview' of the empty house on the 9th. Would people be interested?

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