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Weekend update

Friday, I called in sick. When I got home thursday evening, I felt like shit -- it seemed like my whole body had filled up with snot, and it was oozing out of me. After a few hours of extra rest, I felt reasonably OK again, and I did some light housekeeping tasks.

Saturday, we went into the city centre to get a new case for my mom's computer. You will recall that I wanted to use the desktop case I still had lying around after the Techcase debacle, but that case can only house low-profile expansion cards. And I needed to put a wifi card in it -- but there are no lowprofile wifi PCI cards. I could have used an USB dongle, but those don't have the reach a PCI card has, and this particular machine will be placed furthest from the router, on a different floor. Then there was something that allowed you to transport ethernet via the electric wiring, but that was just under three times as expensive as a PCI wifi card. So, we bought this case: cheap, reasonably small, with a large enough powersupply. I also found a great deal on a wifi-card, so in the end it'll be just as expensive as the wifi-card I had originally wanted!

Then we went on to Deventer, to visit klik's aunt and uncle. We had been there about a month ago, and at that time I had advised them to buy a router to get all of their computers on the internet -- they had been transferring mail from one computer to the other by floppy...
So, they bought a Q-Tec 790RH, but they had trouble configuring it to work with their @Home cable modem. So, we went upstairs to their computer room, connected everything, and set to work. I configured the router via the embedded webserver, and everything seemed to work fine. However, after about ten minutes or so, the DNS resolution would... stop. You'd have to reset the router to get DNS again.
So I tried setting every computer with a static IP and manually supplying the DNS adresses, but that didn't work at all. After a delicious dinner, we went back upstairs again, I re-configured everything back to dynamic IP adresses, and it all worked. I checked new sites ever so often (while installing and running Spybot S&D), and it did seem to work fine, but I'm not so sure it'll hold up.
Does anyone know this particular router, and how to make it keep on resolving DNS requests?

Anyway, we got back home rather late, so sunday we slept in. After a bit of cleaning, we set of installing mom's computer in the new case. Well... the case was very cheap, and I now know why! The construction isn't very sturdy, and one of the screws had been tightened so fast, that we could not get it loose. It took an iron saw to get the case to open up! Also, the front plate wouldn't come off without applying lots of force to it, the edges of the insides of the case were rather sharp... Let's just say that opening that thing up wasn't my idea of having a good time. It's all in there now, though, so it's now all fixed.
In the evening, jangerben came over for a bowl of ramen. He had rented Casablanca from the Cinematheek. Neither of us had ever seen it, so watching this classic was long overdue. The setup was easy to spot from a mile away, but it was interesting none the less.

Today, I installed my Winamp Port Control box at work. The serial cable I bought was long enough to allow placement in a convenient spot on my desk. I got a lot of comments from people who came by to ask me something, most were amused I'd make something like that just for such a simple thing.

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