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Busy days

Well, vacations always leave me exhausted (but in a good way), and this one was no exception.

Wednesday afternoon and thursday morning I went to work -- we had been on a tight deadline for a project for one of our clients. We had been working very hard, but we had delivered the project on time (something that I didn't think was possible when I read the specifications). However, we still had to install it on the live-server(s) -- right in the middle of my vacation. So, I returned to help out with the installation, which went reasonably smooth.

After work on thursday, we set out to Groningen. We had booked a hotel arrangement there, to see all those things we didn't get around to when we visited 'Grun' earlier with ankie. I'm pretty sure klik will give a more detailed report (with accompanying photos). I'll give a short list of highs a lows:

- The hotel being reasonably close to an excellent parking garage;
- The hotel being within the city centre proper;
- Groningen having a quite compact city centre, you can walk from one end to the other in 15 minutes;
- Having dinner in "'t Waeghstuck";
- Seeing "The Incredibles";
- The Groninger Museum;
- The architectural walk;
- The view from the Martini-toren;
- Meeting ankie for a delicious Mexican dinner;
- The friendly man in the evening-store close to the hotel;
- Finding serial cables at the MediaMarkt;
- The breakfast at the hotel;
- Fun-shopping;
- Spending days with klik.

- Shouting students in the streets at night;
- The icy cold;
- Climbing the Martini-toren;
- The beds in the hotel.

Overall, we had a great time, but it was rather tiring...
We left Groningen on Saturday afternoon, and we swung by klik's parents. Her mom was hosting a dinner party for my parents, and we were invited as well. The meal was delicious, the dinner conversation very enjoyable, and a great time was had by all. Previously, I had checked my email and seen that the Amber session that had been planned for Sunday had been postponed due to an injury of JP. Though I was (of course) sad to hear of his misfortune (and I hope he can get up and about soon!), this also meant that we could stay over at my in-laws.

I'm glad I can get some rest at work tomorrow...

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