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Another round of new anime reviews!

Meine Liebe is another Bee Train production. When the opening credits started, I knew it was another 'Kayijura anime', like velveteencat calls this particular brand of anime. However, it seems this one has an actual budget, and my initials fears of a repeat of the train-wreck that is Avenger were quickly soothed. Someone learned to mix the soundtrack in properly too!
Anyway, Meine Liebe is set on the island country of 'Kuchen', just off the coast of France, in the 1920's. The country is ruled by a king who is assisted by a council of the elite -- and the Rosenstolz academy is where they got their education. We get to meet two young nobles who are both striving to be accepted into that illustrous council.
It promises to be interesting, in an Utena-without-the-Yuri-kind-of-way.

Fantastic Children is about a group of children who get re-incarnated every so many years -- or so. They get together as a group (why, I don't know), but one of them tries to dominate the other -- or so I gathered from the first half of the episode. The second half of the episode is set in 2012 and deals with a young boy who lives on a tropical island. He meets a boy and a girl who have both run away from this special 'school' (or is it the power-structure of the one kid who tries to dominate the others?)
Designs are nice and the music is beautiful, but I couldn't understand the backstory at all -- but I'm sure that gets explained in the later episodes, as our protagonist gets involved with the kids from the school.

Futakoi is set in the city of cute female twins! Nozomi returns to the city where he spent his childhood when his father goes to work overseas. He remembers his neighbours of the time: two cute twins whom he promised both to marry... The city is reknowned for its 'Shrine of the Twins' -- it is said that its influence causes many female twins to be born in the city!
OK, so this is another slowmance, with younger kids (15 year olds) and the twins are an added twist. I guess the makers wanted to save on character designs, and so they made two of every female in the series. ;)
We liked it: the story is reasonably fluffy and fun, and the girls are all very cute. A nice, relaxing anime.

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