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Somehow, we ended up spending most of our weekend in Tilburg...

Saturday morning we got up early and went into the city centre for some much-needed shopping. In a week, we'll be celebrating Sinterklaas with my family. With all the stuff going on with the house, we hadn't had time to do serious shopping. So we set forth, and managed to get lots of nice presents. We've ticked off quite a few things from the checklist!

We were running a bit late: zolphia had reserved a spot in the Fubmobiel for a ride to Tilburg, for Geekfest VI at luna_puella's place. A bit after the appointed time (12:00) we arrived and once again we set forth.
We encountered several setbacks on our way. First, the A2 had been closed off, so we spent quite a bit of time in a traffic jam from Den Bosch until way past Vught. Apart from the 'wave' with cars, traffic jams aren't much fun.
Then, we arrived. After a bit of trouble we got to the correct street, and then discovered that we had the wrong house number written down... It took us another 15 minutes of frantic calling to get the right number -- by that time it was way past 13:30...
Anyway, I learned some things from Geekfest VI:
- Though isabelgou didn't strike me as the type to wear dresses and skirts, she seemed very comfortable in her beautiful skirt. For some reason I really like this photo of her (just ignore the left side of the picture). I guess it's the pose and the light.
- luna_puella looks very much like her mother.
- Tins can, under the right lighting conditions, look like real pocket watches.
- luna_puella has a archetypical younger brother.
- Interstella 555 is a cool movie/musical/animation. It's a pity the character designer can draw only three character designs, though -- but that scarcely detracted from the movie. The connection between the music and the movie was completely lost on me, though.
- Even if you don't like soccer, you'll love Shaolin Soccer.
- Even though they would have rather closed, the snackbar people were remarkably cheerful when taking our orders. They did close shop right after we left, though.
- The XBox is a large machine.
- I have very little interest in fighting games, though it was kind of fun to duke it out with usmu -- we were fairly evenly matched. (Read: we were both clueless as to what we were doing and proceeded to mash buttons like madmen...)
- I suck at FPS games -- especially with convoluted controls like Halo on the XBox. Nico was going easy on me, but I did manage to 'get' him a few times, and that wasn't all just beginners luck.
- fluffball and luna_puella weren't as mushy as some feared they would be.
- In contrast with previous geekfests, there were more 'smaller' conversations instead of everybody shouting all at once. I find I enjoy the smaller conversations better. Perhaps my age.
Anyway, luna_puella and her parents deserve a shout-out for daring to subject their house (and their brandnew couch!) to an invasion of geeks.

The next day we went to Tilburg again, this time to visit babarage at her parents' house. She is living with them again, in a renovated monastery. I am completely awed by the house: the rooms are pretty spacious, and the original details that are still present gives the house a very authentic feel to it.
xaviar_nl and gertvr were present as well, and after an extensive tour of the house (highlight: the library in the ex-chapel, complete with the table and chairs of the mayor of a neighbouring town) we got to the order of business: games. I had brought Tongiaki, which turned out a remarkably fun and strategic game. I really like the built-in "prisoner's dillemma": you need other players to get anywhere, but you don't want to take 'em all with you on your journey to high-scoring islands. We played it twice, one to learn the rules and once 'for real'. Next was 'Die sieben Siegel', a cardgame that xaviar_nl and gertvr had brought along. That was fun as well, and quite easy to learn.
Then it was time for dinner. We were taking part in an experiment: babarage's mother wanted to test several recipes for meze, the Cyprian version of tapas. Most of it was delicious, but the opinions differed on several of the offerings. This worked out nicely: if you didn't like something very much, there was always someone else who would gladly finish that dish while you concentrated on the dish you liked.
After dinner we had time for another game: babarage's mom joined us for a game of 'Engel & Bengel', a fast-paced dicing game. The rules are very simple, but allow for quite a bit of tactics. The fact that both rewards and penalties can be earned with a single dice throw is brilliant.

We were home far too late, and this morning the alarm went off again... Back into the trenches!

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