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New anime: Gankutsuou

Gankutsuou is a re-telling of the story of the Count of Monte-Cristo (which I haven't read) -- but in a futuristic setting.
Albert and Franz are on Luna to enjoy the carnival there, when they meet this mysterious Count-person. He looks like a vampire: blue skin, fangs, doesn't eat... Anyway, he takes an interest in Albert, and Franz is forced to join Albert and the Count to watch the executions. The Count has a pardon from the Cardinal, and he makes some twisted game out of it. Albert, the naive youngster, falls for his wiles and has to face the consequences of his deed.
Gonzo Digimation is responsible for this series, and again they did a great job. There is only one caveat: the patterns of peoples' clothes and hair don't move. That's right, it's as if they cut out a sheet of patterned paper in the shape of, say, a coat, and used that. That can be quite distracting, because it's sometimes hard to see where one things ends and the other begins. I can imagine lots of people being turned off by that. Other than that, this promises to be an interesting series with lots of great plot developments.

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