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New anime

Another day, another batch of new anime. Admit it, you were expecting a post like this!

First was To Heart: Remember my Memories. Another shounen romance, undoubtedly based on some dating sim. We get the typical slacker who has a girl following him like a puppy -- we get introduced to some other girls, but they all give our puppy-girl every opportunity to be alone with slacker-guy. And then there comes the message that a robot maid, Multi, that slacker-guy apparently lived with some time ago, has returned. But... she doesn't recognise him!
Well, what can I say. Designs aren't really inspiring, nothing much happens, it's all same-old, same-old. klik tells me she wants to see the second episode as well, but I'm already done with this series.

Then there was Sunabouzu. Some cataclysmic disaster has befallen the world (or at least Japan), and it has turned into a large desert. This vast expanse of sand (studded with the ruins of large buildings) is ruled by violent gangs -- think a cross between the Yakuza and the nutcases from the Mad Max movies. Sunabouzu is a bountyhunter of sorts, who always finishes a job he's taken, using whatever means necessary. He has an amazing array of gadgets to confuse the dim-witted thugs -- but his own gullability makes him an easy prey for some people...
This series is pretty wacky, but in a high-quality way. It is made by Gonzo, after all. The plot was amusing and Sunabouzu's antics were pretty fun to watch. The life-action opening is completely wacky too. A keeper.

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