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New anime

Another day, another pair of episodes of new anime!

First off was Kannazuki no Miko. It starts off like Maria-sama ga Miteru, only with fanservice and in a school that also includes boys. Main character is Himeko, who, in the span of a single day, has both the male (Soma) and female (Chikane) school idols chasing her skirt. On the day of her birthday (coincidentally the same as the birthday of the female school idol), the town is attacked by a mysterious woman who commands a big-ass mecha!
Himeko gets knocked unconscious, and while Chikane fondles Himeko's breasts, Soma pilots his own mecha and beats the mecha of the mysterious woman!
It started off pretty good (though the fanservice was rather.. in-your-face), but then it all went over the top, what with all the mecha that popped up from out of nowhere. And then there is the not-so-subtle thing going on between Chikane and Himeko... Not for us.

Next was Tactics. This is about a writer, Kantaro, who doubles as an exorcist. He works with demons (his serving girl is a kitsune, a fox-spirit), and he has been looking for a powerful Tengu, who can defeat ogres and other assorted monsters. When he takes a little excursion to the countryside, acting on some information about the Tengu, he helps exorcise a demon that has frozen a servant in a block of ice. The day after, he finds the shrine where the Tengu is sealed away and breaks the seal -- by naming the demon, he becomes its master...
Seems like an interesting series. Designs are pretty nice, and the story promises to give us a unique look into Japanese folklore.

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