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Video cleanup

I've digitised some episodes again and again and again, resulting in 4 versions of the same episode. Takes a lot of time, but in the end it's worth it. With AviSynth, I create a script to mix those episodes together, taking the median of a pixel from each version to reduce the noise. I de-interlace, smooth and sharpen, and the result looks quite good.

However, there's the issue of the logo. I can try to 'smooth' out the logo, but I'm not sure that's worth it. Here are thee (reasonably big) frames, of three possibilities.

This is the logo as it appears in the source video.

This is the logo completely smoothed out. You will notice the blurry patch just above DeeDee's elbow -- that's where the logo was. I'm not entirely sure that this is a good thing. Yes, the logo is gone, but this large blurry patch is pretty bad it itself.

This is an experiment. Here, I set the opacity of the logo just a little bit lower. You can still discern the 'Cartoon Network' screen-bug, but it is much less obvious than in the non-processed video. But the price we pay for this is some blurring over the logo.

So, what should I do? Leave the logo as it is, completely blur the logo or something inbetween? Your input is appreciated!

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