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With Gilgamesh out of the way, we were long overdue on checking out the offerings of the new season that has begun a month ago in Japan.

We started off with Final Approach. It's a wacky bishoujo series, with half-length episodes. It all starts when Ryo's normal life is disturbed by Shizuka parachuting literally into his life. Worried by decreasing birth numbers, the Japanese government set up a program of arranged marriages, and Shizuka and Ryo are to be the first test couple.
It's perhaps too wacky for my tastes, and I dislike the underlying assumption as to the reason of the lower number of births. On the other hand, designs are pretty neat, with lots of super-deformed wackiness. Perhaps I need to see more episodes before I can pass judgement.

Next off was another series with half-length episodes, W Wish. Another bishoujo series. It's about twins, Junna and Senna, of which the latter has a huge big-brother-complex (think Sister Princess, but even more mushy. Junna witnessed the car crash that killed their parents, and he has lost all of his memory from before that time.
Designs are overly cutesy, and we have seen this anime a few times before -- W Wish doesn't bring anything new to the table.

Finally, we watched Kappa no Kaikata. These episodes are really short -- only five minutes! The series is about a faceless guy (?) who buys a Kappa (a water sprite) at a pet store. The series documents his attempts to offer the Kappa a good home. In the first episode we see him having trouble feeding the sprite and the results of that...
Quite good fun, and very short. It definately feels like a 4-panel newspaper comic in that the episodes are really short and deliver one single pun. A keeper.

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