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Today, we went shopping. There were some things I needed to get, so we set off at a reasonable time towards the city center. First stop was the SpecSavers. I needed a new pair of glasses, and they advertise with being cheap (which they are), so we had a look around. There weren't any frames that were really my style, even though I tried quite a few on. The skin above my ears got a bit irritated... Also, the friendly people asked three or four times whether we needed any help...

We went on. My dad got his monitor to work again all by himself, so the graphics card I bought last week wasn't needed after all. Instead, he wanted to get to work with an external harddisk, so I exchanged the card against an external 3.5" harddisk enclosure. Pretty snazzy box, it even comes with a stand! Perhaps I should get one too, for the 40GB harddisk I still have lying around.

We also walked into the opticiens-store where I got my current glasses a few years back. The store has a new owner, and... I don't know. He's too smooth-talking, too plastic, too commercial. Oh, and if you're an optician, and you fit people with glasses and thus spend a lot of time with your face close to their faces? Try a breath mint once in a while... He also went on a whole rant to klik about soft contact lenses, and how she should really get better (and more expensive ones!), yadda yadda yadda. Gah.
Anyway, we got a pair of frames that looked nice and got my eyes measured. As was to be expected, they got slightly worse since the last measurement (which was quite a few years back). In a week, I'll have my new glasses -- and then I intend to never set foot in that store again. Blergh.

We also bought shoes for me -- at the outlet store. I usually buy Panama Jacks, for EUR 200, but now I have shoes by Reporter that look almost the same and they cost only EUR 60... Spot the difference! Oh, and I also bought gloves, because the mornings are getting decidedly chilly...

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