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MACH F: Display

Here's a picture of the display-print as it is now.

At the top left is the socket for the microcontroller. It'll run at 4MHz. Directly below that is the socket for the MAX232, with elco's already soldered in. The MAX232 will change the weird RS232-voltages (-12V to +12V) to 'normal' TTL-logic (0V to 5V), so that I can hook an internal COM-port to the microcontroller.
On the right-hand side are the sockets for the shift registers. Each shift register will drive one of the 2-character displays. Note the current-limiting resistors at each output of the shift registers -- these will be connected directly to the segments of the displays.
I will place the transistors inbetween the shift registers -- there isn't a lot of place left on the board, except for the lower-left corner. I am thinking about hooking up the Molex- and COM-connectors there.
It all just fits within the plexi bay.
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