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With Gokusen finished and the new season starting up in Japan, it was time for another round of first episodes of new series!

First up: Suika. I'm guessing it's the 'all ages'-version, because we haven't seen any 'action' yet. The first episode is about an apprentice painter, who works under this (in)famous painter who only paints... dead bodies! There are all sorts of rumours as to how he gets his 'models'...
It's sort-of romance, but it's certainly a lot 'edgier' and with more suspense than your average H-game-turned-anime. Character designs are attractive and the animation is pretty decent. I think we'll see this to its completion.

Next: Beet the Vandel Buster. It's set in your typical 'middle-ages lite' fantasy setting. However, the human world is overrun by monsters and 'Vandels', demon-like monsters. To defend the humans against this threat, the 'Vandel Busters' form squads to defeat these monsters. Beet, a young boy, wants to become a Vandel Buster like (his older brother?) Zenon -- but of course he creates more trouble than he solves.
This anime is a marketing vehicle for a console game and a card game, and nobody tries to hide it. Characters speak of their 'level', and Vandels speak of their rating in 'stars'. So, we can already predict what will happen: through ardous training, Beet 'levels up' and becomes a kick-ass Vandel Buster!
...except that we'll never see him do it, because even the first episode bored us to tears.

Next: Mai Hime. Mai and her brother Takumi are travelling to their new school by boat. When a girl with a weird sword (and a birthmark in the same shape as Mai's) is rescued from the ocean, all sorts of weirdness starts to happen around her. The girl is attacked, Mai finds herself in the middle of this improbable fight. She discovers she has some mysterious power, that seems to be linked to the birthmark and the red star only she can see.
The show promises to be filled with cute girls and contain quite a bit of decently choreographed fighting action. Designs are attractive, and the overall production values are high. Count me in!

Next: Kakyuusei 2. Another H-game-gone-anime. Lots of cute girls and attractive character designs, but slooooow. It's set in a school, and in 25 minutes all that happens is that a boy who kickboxes gets his painkillers for a leg injury and a girl falls out of an umpire-chair when trying to pick a paper airplane out of a basketball-bucket. Oh, and the librarian meets a new boy who looks like a boy she met when she was a student at the school herself.
No plot so far, and it's just too slow for our tastes.

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