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Conspiracy X

Saturday, I got my birthday present from rupertdaily. I like getting presents, but I'm not a present-shark: I value small presents equally high as large presents. To me, it's the thought that counts (I know, cliché, but it's true).
So imagine my surprise when he presented me with an enormous stack of expansions for Conspiracy X. ConX is an X-files-like RPG, only the PCs are part of the/a conspiracy. They wage a secret war with 'The Black Hand', a rival conspiracy with even less scruples than Aegis, the conspiracy the PCs are a part of. Now I have pretty much every expansion ever published, except for 'Shadows of the Mind' and 'Sub Rosa'.

I started to protest when I saw the size of the stack, but he told me that it wasn't a problem. Really cool -- I love getting RPG stuff! Now I have to read it, and run at least one scenario with it!

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