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We had agreed with HJ & G to go to the cinema with them. We got up and went there at a leisurely pace, had a cup of coffee and/or tea, and just generally chatted a bit. We hadn't agreed on a movie to go see yet, and by the time HJ returned from walking the dog, the only movie that seemed interesting and of which we could still make the showtime was Dodgeball. D had already told us that it was a funny movie, and told us to watch for the cameos.

He was wrong -- Dodgeball isn't funny, it's hilarious. The plot is pretty ridiculous: a gym run by a laid-back owner ("Average Joe's Gym") can only stay open if he can cough up the remainder of his mortgage (USD 50.000) within 30 days. If not, then the gym will be taken over by the incredibly plastic owner of the Globo Gym. The only way to raise the money is to participate in the ADAA ("American Dodgeball Association of America") international championships. Of course, the miscreants of the Globo Gym catch wind of this plan, and the Average Joe team (comprised of a rag-tag band of misfits) has to compete with the Globo-team...
The movie is, as said, hilarious. Laugh-out-loud funny. The cameos are quite nice, and firmly tongue-in-cheek.

- The way bisexual people are portrayed. Being bisexual doesn't mean you're automatically slutty.
- At the very end, during the Average Joe commercial, you see that Justin managed to knock up Amber. Teenage moms: SO NOT COOL! First you finish school, get a degree, get a carreer, learn how to take care of yourself. THEN you can start to begin thinking about popping out a baby of your own.
Anyway, they're minor, not in-your-face things, so it didn't irk me too badly.

After the movie, we went to the brewery. klik graciously offered to drive, so I could have a few beers. Then we went for some mexican food, all the while chatting about various stuff. It was relaxing and fun, and we agreed to do this more often. We really should.

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