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Today I went to rupertdaily's place to help him prepare for moving house next week. It was fun to see him again outside of the Continuum sessions: during a session, you don't really talk about stuff. Today, it was just the two of us, because klik needed to recuperate after a busy week. We talked quite a bit, and that was very good.

Together, we disassembled 2 bookcases, a wardrobe closet and a small case. After that, we couldn't think of anything I could do -- which means my visit was maximally effective, and that's good.
When we were finished, we sat down to enjoy a snack and delicious grape juice that rupertdaily had imported from Germany. I also spent quite a lot of time playing Time Crisis 3 on his PS2. I sucked at some stages, but I did have enough basic twitching skills to get through some areas without having to use another credit too often. Great fun, shooting goons with a lightgun!

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