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I'd like to write something. Ingeborg seems to think I could do it, that I have the needed creativity. But I've never written something. Oh yes, I have designed roleplaying scenarios, made up characters on the spot (complete with their own motivation etcetera), thought up whole worlds that were fairly consistent. But writing a short story is something different altogether.
I feel that I can do this, but I think I lack technique. And of course, the only way to get to grips with technique is to practise. There's a writer's course at the cultural centre here in Nijmegen, and I'm seriously considering attending.

But I'm also a bit insecure about my plots. Most of the stuff I can think of, is derivative of other, more original, works. Take for instance the MagicCaptors campaign: based on CardCaptor Sakura (and it shows). Of course I've added my own twists, but it is still derivative. Like a fan-fic.
I don't mean to knock on people who write fan-fics, but I want to create something original. I need to work on that: I watch a lot of anime (most of it with pretty creative plots), and those plots wander aimlessly around my head. The things I come up with are plots from here and there, mixing 'em and adding a few twists. I need to learn techniques to make sense of these plot-strands, to make them my own, to create something truly original.

Perhaps I should start writing fan-fics too, just for practice. I do need practice, and I have this idea of a Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto fanfic, set in Nijmegen.

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