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New anime

We've watched the first episodes of two new anime.

First up was Windy Tales. Nao is a schoolgirl who likes to photograph clouds. Because clouds are moved by the wind, you actually take a picture of the wind when photographing clouds. One day, when she is taking pictures on the school roof, she sees a cat there. To her surprise, the cat jumps off the roof, but gently floats in the air, suspended by the wind! This is Nao's introduction to the world of the wind-workers: humans and animals who can control the wind.
The series has a unique design that looks ugly at first glance but grows on you, and the music and voice acting are really good. klik needed only ten minutes to decide she decided she wanted to see this one (she takes pictures of clouds too...).

'New' in the sense that it just is being subbed, is The Enemy is the Pirates!. It's a very 80's series, as you discover after only five seconds of the intro. Lots of corporate 80's rock and dated designs. The series centers on two detectives (one of whom is a black cat!) with the space-police of some sorts. They get fired, and through various reasons (all of which seem a little contrived), they stumble across a hideout of a band of pirates. Mayhem ensues.
Too random for my tastes, and the music and designs don't help either. The tempo is quite high, there are lots of little remarks and movements that you need to pick up on to 'get' the story. Not really worth the download, unless you have a thing for vintage anime.

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