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Finished series: Avenger

A while ago, we finished watching Avenger. My first-episode review is here.

Avenger is set on Mars. In the past ten years, no children have been born. Instead, people make 'dolls': child-like robots that take the place of children. Most people live in domed cities. The social structure is based on ritualised fights (often to the death): the winner takes the possessions of the loser. Some powerful people let others fight in their stead. Outside of the cities, there live the 'barbaroi', those who have not pledged alegiance to the ruler of a city, who try to eke out a living on the barren soil of Mars. Most powerful of the fighters (and thus the supreme ruler) is Volk, one of the 'original dozen'.

Well, there you have it: all of the backstory of Avenger, summarised in one paragraph. And there's not much more to it either: there are hints of a bigger picture, but we never get the details. Our main characters walk through the pseudo-epic plot without showing any emotion, without straying off-course.
The animation is incredibly cheap too: we get long shots of only the eyes, set to the pounding music of the Ali Project (known for the opening song of Noir). We are supposed to believe the character is having some sort of internal struggle, but after the third 45-second shot within a single episode, you start to feel cheated.

And then there's the end. From the second episode on, you can see it coming: Layla is going to fight Volk, and of course she will win. The side-plot with Nei could have saved the series, but the writers narrowly avoided salvaging the train wreck that is this series. Even the implied Layla-Nei yuri seemed... flat.
We know that Nei is ten (or perhaps eleven) years old. And at the end of the series (during Layla's fight with Volk), she reaches sexual maturity. And then Vesta says something like: "OK Nei, you're the hope of the people of Mars, now start popping out babies!"

Eleven year old girls being pressured into pregnancy? So NOT COOL. But perhaps I read more into that statement than the writers intended.

Good points:
- Music is pretty good, though a bit loud.
Bad points:
- The story just never picks up;
- Cheap animation;
- No pay-off.

We watch this stuff so you don't have to -- just steer clear of this one, because there's so much more that's worthwhile to watch out there. End verdict: a 5.

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